Back on the road to old and new sites ... on our way home to San Diego
Our last journey

After our memorable night in that Hotel (Red Roof Inn -  I believe the name was) near Salt Lake City we took off for our final destination ... San Diego. The first day we did not drive all that far and ended up in a very nice camp ground. A new place we have not checked out before. We all were not in the best mood and so we decided to just take it easy. The tent was built up , Firewood was collected, Keith went with Nati, I wanted to be alone, I had to be alone ...  so I took off by myself. Natina and Keith gathered quite a bit of wood - I did not find much - I must have had tomatoes on my eyes ... or my thoughts were in different dimension ... the wood was piled up and since the day was still young, Keith and Nati took off for a little hike. Again I wanted to be alone and I guided the camp ground. That was a mistake - Keith and Nati did not return until dusk and by then it really was getting quite refreshing. I only had a sleeveless shirt on and sandals - not socks  .... of course I had pants on ... and ... no car key ... the clothes looked in the vehicle. So I slipped into the tent and covered up with the sleeping bag till I heart the voices, crawled out - fetched the car key and put some warm clothes on. What a nice feeling that was. The fire did the rest to warm our cold bones. Keith decided after all to have two Bratwürste, but that undertaking took quite a while and he almost ate them raw .... the night was clear and the stars wonderful bright. I always keep forgetting how wonderful that sky is in the west. We in Germany do not see such a sky filled with sparkling stars  anymore - to much light pollution. My head was up most of the time to burn that picture into my brain, so I shall never forget.
The next morning we had a good start and since we had a couple of days left we decided to aim for the canyon area  (before driving down to Sedona) - we had Zion in mind, but we ended up at Cedar Creak, which was new for us too. We had seen many canyons, creeks, mountains and sites with Keith on our journeys together in the last nine years, but we never stopped by this one. It was a lovely surprise and we decided to go on a short little hike around the rim. So the three of us took off and it plain was a delight - however, Nati and I did not accompany Keith all the way down to that one outlook point we aimed for. I was not feeling to well, so Nati and I turned around and we almost jogged the way back. Well, to be honest, I just wanted to get up the hill again, to get it over with - up on the rim we took it easy again .... Keith followed us about 15 min later. One more pipi stop -  into the car - on we went again for our next camp ground ... near St. George. We had been there before. It was Snow canyon - I guess - surrounded by petrified sand dunes. When we arrived in the evening it still was near 100 degrees ... and it did not cool off much more during the night. We went to see a movie to cool off, and when we came out of the theatre shortly before midnight  it was still about 90 or  more degrees. There was no doubt that in such temperatures we would not find any sleep - and how right we were. It was pure hell ... not so much for Keith, he slept outside on the picnic table, at least he could feel the little breeze, which gave him some relieve, but for us poor girls ... the tent was like a sauna. Nati and I were bushed after that night and happy to be back in our air conditioned nice little rental car the next day.
Next stop was Sedona to meet with Dan and Chris and Gertrud, my German friend (75 years old) who lives there. What a surprise it was for her to see Natina and I walk towards the patio - she sat there playing patience drinking a cool drink to cool off, we got one too - on the rocks ;-) Gertrud always has some homemade liqueur in her freezer - we had a great visit, even if we stayed for only about one hour. It was one hour spend well.
Dan and Chris hooked up with us shortly after in the Casino in the Indian Reservation near by. We played a couple of bowling games - talked and had a couple of drinks. It really was good seeing them after such a long time. Both seem to do well, and the house they are building near Flagstaff keeps them busy and occupies most of there time. I found out that they will have a nice guest room ... that was good to hear :-) The good bye came to quickly - it was getting late, we had a two hour drive ahead of us, back to Tempe to our little Motel 8 we always stay when we are in Tempe. Somehow it felt like coming home.
Next day (Sunday) a long hot drive to San Diego. Nothing really exciting happened that day.  Now our days were counted in the States and Nati and I got mentally ready for our departure. Like always it is a sad feeling ... I do not like good byes, but this time I knew it was a fair well .... Monday one more trip up to Dana Point, my hair cut ... good bye to Tom, Barb and Matt and back to San Diego. One more last dinner at the Moroccan restaurant ... a walk on the beach afterwards, home - a bit

more packing and Tuesday it was good bye day .... Good bye and fair well - Keith.

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