Lave Hot Springs Reunion

It was so nice to see Val, Dan and Jeana again ... and to meet Jeana's new boyfriend, James. The time was short but we made the best out of it. We decided to drive up to Lava Hot Springs, one of those sites we have been visiting many times on our journeys together. I drove up with Val, Keith with Dave and the kids shared the third car. Val and I had a nice drive up and lots of woman talk ... it was good to be with her. I am sure the others had a great time driving up as well.
The camp ground was not all that nice anymore. It looked really run down, but nevertheless, all what counted was that we were a fun group. The tents were built up soon, the food --- gee, that great fine stew Dave and Val cooked in that iron pot (I begged for it) --- was prepared quickly and so delicious ... hmmmm ... I hardly could stop ... Some beer, some drinks were consumed ... hackysack was played, a few mosquitos lost there lives, before we took off for the hot springs. Dave tried hardly to persuade me to put his shorts on so I could join them in the pool, but I did not want to ... not without a my swim suit. But I went along and sat by the side of the pool with my feet hanging in the hot - really hot this time - water. At times the others joint me sitting by the edge, because they had to cool off a bit ... but if it would not have been for me, no pictures would have been taken ... who would have carried the camera? Who would have taken the pictures? That actually was the true reason for not going into the water ;-) If someone thinks different he should speak up now or be quite for ever ... just kidding. But nevertheless, I had a good time it was fun seeing everybody sweat and slowly wade through the water. That all made us thirsty, so we took off to a bar near by. I forgot the name of that place but we had been in there before. It was a pool bar with other games as well - like a shuffle board. This time there was a band playing and therefore the place was rather full of guests. Jeana had to show her ID ... hey,  you are not allowed to be in here. Jeana just about swallowed her voice, her face darkened and she had to hold back not to speak up ... she pulled out her ID and that took care of this ...  we grinned, she really looks very young, but still, it was not nice of that man to just take it for granted that she was to young to be in there. He could have asked nicely to show him her ID ... well, what ever. This did not interfere with our mood. We all played shuffle board. James and Natina played a game of billiard ... a drunken guy missed his step leaving the place and fell flat on his face ... the police came in one way and out the other ... the woman's toilet was broken and flooded over ... that really was a mess and I was told to go to the other toilet on the other side of the room ... that toilet has been broken for a while ... gee, no wonder it was so smelly ... but other that this we had a great time. We did not stay all that late, we were getting tired. Back at the camp ground I was the first to go to bed. A mental bug bit me and I wanted to be alone. Good night hugs and kisses to my friends ... wanted to hug and kiss Keith too, but I was not sure if I could ... but I did in my mind.
Next morning we all had breakfast. Nati and I did a little shopping in our favorite Indian store before driving home. I got a couple of nice, little presents for my godchild May. Nati did get lucky too, but I have no clue anymore what she bought. I was in Val's truck again, Dave with Keith and the kids share a car, just the same constellation as before. One more stop at a little park to play our own version of golf - but before we could even start the girls had to leave for a pipi stop - we aimed for the toilet at a gas station, which turned out to be as bad as the one in Lava Hot Spring in that one bar "Blue moon"? or so  .... so we drove over to the grocery marked to empty our bladders. What a relieve that was. Back to the park ... the rest of the water melon was eaten and then we started our game which turned out to be lots of fun. We could have played a bit longer, but the kids had planned an evening without the "old" folks. Nati wanted to cook a fine dinner for Jeana and James. So we quit and took off. The kids did drive directly to the city, the rest took off to Val's and Dave's home where a shower was announced. That felt good. Cleaned up and feeling good we took off for supper, which turned out to be a little adventure, but we got to see nice neighbourhoods in the area, before we found a place to eat. It seemed to be the only place ... the guy serving us was Mr. Sleepyhead ... Val got the wrong sandwich, therefore she did not pay for it ...  but other that this it was ok and our hunger was satisfied. I insisted to see the new old house Val and Dave bought and we had to hurry up before it was getting to dark. That house really is old and definitely needs lots of work. That will keep them busy for a while and I am certain it will bring lots of surprises along the way. I am not sure if I would have the courage to get involved into such an undertaking, but I am positive that the two will make it and ones it is done, it will be a wonderful little house and a great home for them. They promised me to have a guest room too ... so my friends, be aware ... I will be coming to occupy that room for a while.
Bye bye it was ... no tears and see you before you leave SLC ... sure, we will, there is no need to say good bye for good, but how wrong we were. Just a note left on the door step was all ...
Sorry for that.








          Hey, guys ... you can let go again ... breath!

   wow, what beautiful mermaids