The night in our Hotel

  The dark side of the moon ....

The night of emotions and decisions

Kim and Keith took off to fetch some beer for Kim, because we did not have any. All we had was Tequila, Rum, Coke, and Sprite or so ... well, while the two were gone Ken, Nati and I had our first drink and Ken put some Cuban music on ... that and the music, the heat and the alcohol did it job and a stream of music floated through our veins and we started to dance. Well, lets say it this way - Ken gave us a lesson of how to dance the Salsa and Nati and I agreed, he did a good job, he moves and leads well, and is a good teacher - we learnt quickly our first steps. Thank you Ken! You know --whenever you are close ...  you are always welcome in our home, if you are not alone --- just drag him or her along.  This country is so nice and there is lots to see ... I have some rum waiting for you ;-)

Shortly later, Keith and Kim returned and both looked pretty surprised about our dancing performances, but Kim joint in soon later and Ken taught her as well .... Keith watched that unusual scene sitting on the bed drinking rom and coke or sprite .... it really started out to be a great evening. After the rain ... and a few drinks later we all stepped outside to continue our nice conversation in the much cooler air sitting somewhere in the Hotel surroundings close to a little maintenance house leaning an the warm wall ... lots of talking was done ... some  drinking as well ... and all that loosened up our mood and tongue ... Kim and I had a nice chat for a little while, she is a great woman with strong  feelings and believes.








The rest of that evening was not so funny and ended painful. I am not sure how and why ... but it was the end of a long and wonderful partnership and friendship ... I lost my best friend -------  And I am angry