Impression in Dana Point with Barb ... a very special lady

We drove up a few times to visit with Barb and Tom ... we had dinner, drinks met friends and had fun. Tom took us both on a Harley ride ... Nati had the pleasure to fly up high in the sky right among the ravens with Tom in a glider. (I spend the day with Barb going shopping for bathroom equipment, which was really fun) I really thought that Nati was bold, nobody would have gotten me into such that plane. I am really having enough fears flying in a yet. I know Nati will never forget that adventure.
Well, one day was just a girls day. Barb, Nati and I decided to walk down the hill to fetch a cool refreshing drink ... Maxi joint us. He really loves to be outside reading the newest news along the side walk - the Dog Times. After all one has to know what is going on in the neighbourhood. The little coffee was nice and the drinks just great. As usual we had a good time talking and laughing. Barb is really fun having around. She loves to laugh which fit right into our behaviour. We are plain nuts at times.  And since it was so nice and the day still young, we just went on to the beach side - over the hills - had a great look over the ocean and the harbour of Dana Point. Our feet were steaming ... Nati had a blister due to the wrong shoes she was wearing, but it looked pretty ;-) Maxi just about was done. He is not the youngest anymore and lost his energy during the walk and besides of being tired he was thirsty ... just as the rest of us. My tongue was heavy from lacking fluids ... may be from talking as well ... what ever, we all were happy to be back at home ... water was the first we drunk, but it did not take us long and we were back to other good fine drinks ... like grape juice ;-)

Following two pictures were taken when Natina had her hair cut. The appointment was at eight in the morning, which was really early for a vacation day, but it certainly was worth it. Tom took us over, well, actually he was leading us - we followed in our car. Then a quick orientation trip in the little mall in his car (I had parked mine already in front of the beauty shop) Tom wanted to show us the coffee shop - he really thought it was a good idea to fetch some hot coffee before Andrea would start cutting. Nati didi not want any, so Tom drove her back ... I was left behind by the store ... and gee ... were are my car keys? I started running, but all I could see was the tail of Toms white car disappearing around the corner. I started to run like an idiot ... but ... no luck ... Tom was gone ... I had high hopes that he would stay till Andrea would show up to say hi to her, but he had an appointment ... I looked into my locked car to see if the car keys were inside ... no ... checked with Nati ... one more time I checked out the car - NOOOOO .... I really left them in Tom's car. Sch .... Andrea called him up ... au weia ... I am in trouble. Ok, Tom was not all that angry ... thank you Tom for brining me my car key back and still laughing. Typisch Mady!
Andrea did an excellent job with Nati's hair. She looked so pretty afterwards and she still feels great with her new hair style. She harvested many compliments and still does. Of course I had to take pictures when we arrived at the Brabacks house again ... and of course Barb had to be on the picture as well ... two pretty ladies.


I am not sure when this pictures were taken, but it must have been the last day ... good bye Barb ...  see you soon and thank you for everything.

A great dinner party with Dick and Tracy ... and Carlos from Argentina

I have met Dick and Tracy before, but Carlos I met for the first time. He was Tom's and Nati's co-pilot when Tom and Nati flew up high with the wind. He certainly is an interesting man ... very temperamental and talkative. Everything was just right, the food, the drinks ... the crowd ... this family of mine is really great!!! I hope to see them here sometimes - so I can be a host to and spoil them.