4th of July family reunion at Steve's and Elise's  home in Carmel Valley

What a great place that is ... how much fun we had .... thank you all ...

The sun was out, the temperature was hot, the mood was great, food and wine a delight  - but mostly the white wine in the afternoon - it complimented our female hormones ;-) Inspired by the spirit of white wine the girls hopped into the cooling pool, first behaving well - just swimming back and forth but then it bit us and we started a fine water battle, Tom  joint us, followed later on by Steve. Tom was really getting wild (but is that a surprise?) trying to get us all with his water pistol from behind the whirl pool walls ... but we were fighting back ... I would say successfully ... some of the guys, who chickened out, got their share too. Keith napped right at the edge of the pool - that was to inviting ... we made sure that everybody was getting some good splashes of the cooling and refreshing wet element  ... then finally, after many more drinks and some finger foods, a delicious supper was served - bbqed beef and chicken among other fine dishes  ... I had many helpings as well as the others too and to work this off, we all took off for a night walk  with an incredible, breathtaking, bright  moon shining on us ... moon shadows - so long and clear - almost intoxicating. Steve decided to go on a horse back ride the next evening. (I never found out if he did) He said there is nothing more peaceful than riding at night in the moonshine. How lucky I had to go pipi in the forest where it was dark, otherwise a second moon would have risen to illuminate the night even more ....  all that combined and a package of great people made it a wonderful day and all of us happy fellows till late into the night. And to top this - Steve took Nati, Keith and me for a drive late at night - first to check me out at his hospital (thank god everything was fine - my heart is good)  and then to little- big Peter's home by the beach ... that brought memories back and catapulted me right into the 60th. (I am sure I was not alone wallowing in memories) Music, beer, laughter and songs  - guitars, drums and a  didjeridoo ... a happy crowd of colourful kids. Steve too grabbed a guitar and joint in ... What a fun place that is ... Gilligan's island ... next the sand dunes - big and steep - we found a great spot for a peaceful rest looking over the sea  listening to the sound of music of the surf. Steve told me an interesting story about Marie -- the lace house and the flight over to the east coast  ... thank you Steve for sharing that with me. I believe it is true ... things like that can happen ... similar things happened to me to.
Next day was good bye day ... it took us a bit to get going, but finally we did - a bit sad but anxious to find out what else this vacation would still bring us.


     Prost !!!














Geon in his baseball outfit.
Baseball is a rather unfamiliar game to me but Geon taught me a bit and I hit the ball a couple of time ... that really made me smile. He is a good teacher and very patient ... keep on going on - Geon.