A Homage to Uncle George

I though it would be a nice thought to write a little homage to Uncle Goerge.

I admire Uncle George. He was a great strong man. He never lost faith.

I met Uncle George and his wife Mary 1976 and 1977in Minnesota for the first time. They offered my cousin Angela and me their home (and their filled refrigerator and freezer ... hmm) while they where visiting the old country - Germany - I thought that this was the greatest thing, since they really did not know us to well, but this did not matter - we were family, just that simple. (By the way the additude of always being welcome is carried throught the whole families of the Brabecks and Baumgaertners.)

Somehow I did not cultivated the family life in the US with my relatives but after some years, I decided to get in touch with Tom Brabeck and his family. My children David and Natalie and I do agree, that this was one of the best things we did. Since then we do have a really great relationship and I plain love my family in the States - each single one -  with their open hearts and warmth. Unfortunatle, I never met Aunt Marie again, I wanted to be part of her funeral, but I was not able to come. I did not have the money back then, but I received a wonderful mail about the  family reunion, the good bye and how Marie foud her permanent resting site.


All those following photos where taken in the summer of 2000 when I was invited with Tom and Barb to join them for the babtism of their first grand child in Monterey at Steves and Elises home. Tom rented a monster camper van with sleeping room for at least 5-6 people. Uncle George did not know that I was coming. It was a great surprise ... I shall never forget.


This photo was taken in the camper on our way to some fine wineries. The camper was filled it up with a happy crowd. As one can see - Uncle George was happy and enjoyed each single minute.



He sat there on this seat with a smile on his face and folded hands.

May be he was thinking of Mary: I wish she could be here, too - but she is by the lake shore ... up there in Minnesota - where she loved it most.



This beautiful site by the Monastery, taken on our trip to all those  "Weinbauern", took all my interest ... what a nice "Kloster" that was.




The following picuters were taken on the last stop of our tour. (Forgot the name of the winery) this one was the best - we had a great time - of course we had tasted many glasses of wine before and the world became a better one after each single one.


The sunset was marvelous - the spirit high ... and George was with us all the time.

Uncle George surrounded by his three son and his grand son Chris


What a landscape ... what a crowd ... what a family! George moved everywhere we did ... At one time he could not sit still, he got up joined us on the balcony with that picturesque view just to prost with us with that wonderful red wine Steve had sponsored. He really was holding up boldly ... of course ...


"Zurück nach Hause"  was the word - there is no place like home. Tired, but with happy spirits we arrived in Carmel Valley



My last dinner with Uncle George.

It was the  end of a wonderful trip, but not the end of the day. A delicious  dinner was waiting for us ... with more of a "Guten Tropfen". Steve has a professional "Weinkeller" built right into the moutain behind his house. He, as well as the rest of the "Wellstein Familie", do value highly a good wine. Like every day the table was always filled with delicious food. - "Wein und Gesang"


I personally loved those dinners being surrounded by a few generations - young and old. Lots of stories to listen too. We all had a feeling that George will live forever - he was so full of spirit. I loved his ceremory of making his Manhatten drinks - in the breakfast area of Steve and Elise' house. Same time, same proceedure ... the items places orderly in front of him waiting to be used. I loved to join him and listen to him speak. He had so much to say.



The next day it was "Auf Wiedersehen" good bye Uncle George.
Following are the last pictures I took of Uncle George ... that is how I still see him.



Last I thought I place some pictures of Uncles Georges loved ones ... at least of part of them. Unfortunalte, I do not have pictures of all of his family.

Four generations - Old chief George's hand on the left -

Tom and his first Grandchild - the son of Chris and Tracy


Barb and Sara





Big Peter


Little Peter





Steve the clown

Georges' lady friend holding on to a cigar

as well as Steve trying to look cool