Selected Presentations

How to Write a Great Paper
International Research Training Group, TU Kaiserslautern, Nov. 2005.
Inverse Kinematik in der Computeranimation (in German)
Habilitation Defense, TU Kaiserslautern, Feb. 2007.
Geometric Modeling for Scientific Visualization
Ph.D. Defense, UC Davis / LLNL, June 2000.
Visualizing the Phonon Map
EuroVis '06, Lisboa, May 2006.
Multiresolution Modeling with Non-uniform B-spline Surfaces
Curves and Surfaces '06, Avignon, June 2006.
GPU-based Simulation of Cold Air Flow for Environmental Planning
Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, Bratislava, April 2006.
Phonon Tracing for Auralization and Visualization of Sound
IEEE Visualization '05, Minneapolis, Oct. 2005.
Non-manifold mesh extraction from Time-varying Segmented Volumes used for Modeling a Human Heart
Eurovis '05, Leeds, May 2005.
Multiresolution Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Data based on Hybrid Meshes
IASTED Visualization, Imaging, and Image Processing (VIIP '05), Benidorm, Sept. 2005.
Web-based Progressive Geometry Transmission using Subdivision-surface Wavelets
Web 3D '05, Bangor, March 2005.
Volume Refinement Fairing Isosurfaces
IEEE Visualization '04, Austin, Oct. 2004.
Variational Modeling of Contours
IEEE Visualization '03, Seattle, Oct. 2005.
Adaptive Smooth Scattered-data Approximation for Terrain Modeling
VisSym '03, Grenoble, May 2003.
Recursively Generated Graph Surfaces
Curves and Surfaces '02, Saint-Malo, June 2002.
Multiresolution Analysis for Subdivision Surfaces and Volumes
Geometric Modeling Seminar, Dagstuhl, May 2002.

(C) Martin Hering-Bertram